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Self-Harm: Treatment, Coping, and Why People Self-Harm Apr 01, 2022


People often keep their habit a secret, but the urge to self-harm isn’t uncommon, especially in adolescents and young adults. Many overcome it with treatment.

Whether a person has recently started hurting his or herself or has been doing it for a while, there is an opportunity to improve health and reduce behaviors. Talking to a doctor or a trusted friend or family member is the...

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Sincerely, Anonymous. Apr 01, 2022

Trigger Warning: this post contains descriptions of self-harm and sexual assault.

This series was submitted by a local high school student.

Based On A True Story

Brooke had just broken up with her first boyfriend. She was 16 and he was 18. Her boyfriend, Cole, had been struggling with drugs for years. He had lied to her about his sobriety throughout their relationship. Cole had been suicidal in...

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Suicide Is Not The Option Jan 20, 2022

You deserve to be happy and live a long life full of good moments.

Written by a Ventura County high school student.

Have I ever tried to kill myself? Yes, twice. Both times were unsuccessful.

Life was hard and I was done. I had many internal problems and demons that I wanted to get rid of. Slitting my lower stomach seemed like the best option for me, but it didn’t work. I guess I did not...

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