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Take Your Life Back Jul 08, 2024

By Anonymous.

I wanted to express my personal story of how alcohol almost and partly ruined my life. I am a young mom and was a young wife. My marriage was short-lived due to abuse on my end, and I couldn’t cope with the loss of my marriage. When I was 20 I thought a family should always stick together regardless of anyone feeling mistreated. I couldn’t have been more wrong, but...

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The Letter Jun 14, 2024

Written by a CSUCI Service-Learning student.

Dear Brook, 

As always, I was listening to music while writing to you. Stop and listen with me. 

So it turns out that I’m an adult child of an alcoholic, which basically means that I have issues. I read a really interesting study that says that I’m more prone to self hatred, low self esteem/confidence, and I’m more fearful...

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