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The Joy of Reading Oct 18, 2022

This post was written by Sofia Noriega, a Ventura County high school student.

Buying my new books makes me feel

so happy as if I was watching a beautiful

sunset. Nothing compares to how you feel

while being so excited to read a new world

in the palm of your hands. Exploring new

worlds almost as if you're traveling without

leaving. The weight of all those feelings

and experiences all in a form...

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Stick With Your Passion, Even If It Changes Apr 01, 2022

This post was written by a CSU Channel Islands Service Learning student, featuring art from Pacific High School students.

It almost always feels like everyone around you has something they are very passionate about. Whether your peers are amazing athletes, or musically gifted, to other random hobbies, it can be very easy to feel lost if you do not believe you have a passion. In getting lost it...

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