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Older and Wiser Sep 29, 2023

Written by a CSUCI student.

Growing up I had very low self-esteem. I believe this came from school bullies and family always picking on me about anything I would do. My mom was always comparing me to others, especially her friend’s daughters because we were all the same age, yet they always had better grades and stayed slim due to sports. I don’t think my mom realized that the more...

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Are You Stressed Or Depressed? Mar 28, 2022

The author of this post is going to be a junior in high school in Ventura County in the fall. 

Are you stressed or depressed? Stress and depression are very similar but they have different effects on the body.

Stress is good for you when it motivates you, but not when it wears you down. You can get stress from your job, school, and even at home when you are relaxing. Stress can affect your...

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Suicide Is Not The Option Jan 20, 2022

You deserve to be happy and live a long life full of good moments.

Written by a Ventura County high school student.

Have I ever tried to kill myself? Yes, twice. Both times were unsuccessful.

Life was hard and I was done. I had many internal problems and demons that I wanted to get rid of. Slitting my lower stomach seemed like the best option for me, but it didn’t work. I guess I did not...

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