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Numb and Spaced Out Nov 22, 2023

Content warning: this post contains a brief mention of domestic violence as well as drug use.

Written by a Ventura County young adult.

Throughout my life I always told myself I would never try or be peer pressured into using any type of drugs or alcohol. My story began when I met an ex of mine. I was super head over heels, and in that moment I would have done just about anything for...

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Drug Abuse Apr 06, 2023

Written by a CSUCI student.

Drug abuse is a serious issue that affects individuals and families all around the world. It's a problem that can quickly spiral out of control and result in tragic consequences. It seems harmless and looks like a good time at first, but the risks are extremely high. Unfortunately, I lost a friend from high school in Ventura County who overdosed on heroin and...

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 The BRITE program does not promote any unlawful use of drugs or alcohol.