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Two young people are riding in a car and smiling. The driver has one hand on the steering wheel and is holding an open bottle of beer in the other hand. The text reads,

Impaired Driving is No Joke

drunk driving impaired driving Dec 05, 2022

This post was written by a CSUCI student.

Every day I have the fear of someone driving under the influence causing a collision with either myself, family, or friends. Everyday there is someone out there who does not think twice about getting into their car high or drunk and speeding away without a care in the world. I fear not only for myself but for my sisters and father as well. Knowing both sisters and father have driven under the influence multiple times upsets me because not only are they risking their own lives but other individuals as well. 

Drunk driving is no joke and should be taken seriously. If you or someone you know is going out for some drinks, always make sure they are not the ones driving home. It is not worth risking your own life or other individuals’ lives.   

I know a few friends and family who have actually said they prefer either driving drunk or driving while high. Neither one is okay to do and should never be done because of the risks that comes with it. There have been many times where I go out and I'm the designated driver, but my friends still try to persuade me to have one drink. I never want to risk it so I kindly reject the offer. If I know everyone wants to drink, I make sure we ALL get an Uber. 

There have been incidents where I have lost friendships because I was trying to keep my friends safe. I have been told I am a “party pooper” and “boring” when wanting to stay sober to keep my friends from driving under the influence. I made the decision to end the friendship because they were not seeing that I was looking out for them. If you are 21 or older, there are many ways to be safe while being under the influence which I will point out below. 

Here are some safety tips to avoid driving under the influence:

  • If you are going out with a group, choose a designated driver
  • Make sure the designated driver does not drink whatsoever
  • Never let anyone drive under the influence. If at home, let them spend the night or offer to call them a friend, family member, Uber, Lyft, or taxi
  • If you are the one under the influence, call a friend, Uber, taxi, or Lyft
  • If you are hosting a party at home, make sure there are non-alcoholic drinks and that everyone leaves with someone who is sober 

Having Uber and Lyft available is very beneficial when it comes to going out and potentially being under the influence. If you do not trust those services, make sure you are able to call a friend or family instead. ALWAYS think about your actions before doing them.