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A person has their crossed arms resting on a table, with their head on their arm. A half-empty bottle of liquor is next to them, out of focus, and a half-full bottle cup of liquor is in front of them in focus.

Is Drinking Worth the Consequences?

alcohol alcoholism underage drinking Oct 25, 2023

Written by a CSUCI student.

Many of us have someone close to us who is abusing alcohol and not even realizing it. It turns out that alcohol is the most common substance people turn to for fast relief. Alcohol provides temporary relief for some who suffer from low self-esteem and look for coping mechanisms. Peer pressure and feeling “lesser than others” can cause someone to over-consume alcohol. People may think using substances will help them feel like they are escaping from reality and their actual lives. 

Landmark Recovery discusses how anxiety can be a common trait of alcohol abusers. Their abuse of alcohol can be caused by believing that they can’t function without it. Frustration is also a trait of someone who is abusing a substance because they can become angry if an instant sense of relief isn’t felt. Oftentimes it is hard to help them realize that there is something wrong with their behavior.

Some alcoholics can have feelings of guilt which can affect their lifestyle choices. It can have consequences when it comes to their frame of mind and making decisions. Blaming is another aspect of someone who is abusing alcohol, which relates to frustration because it can strain relationships with friends and family who care about them and want to see them get better. This trait can also be associated with loneliness and feeling overwhelmed. 

I personally choose not to participate in underage drinking. After years of watching adults drink, it doesn’t seem fun. For example, I have witnessed some of them not knowing what they did the previous day and having to apologize for their behavior. The day after drinking, most people experience a hangover and to me none of these consequences seem worth it to have a fun night out. Drinking can change people and can make them unrecognizable which makes it hard to be friends with someone. It makes me wonder if drinking is worth it’s consequences?

Are you or someone you know struggling with addiction? Help is available. For resources local to Ventura County, visit Ventura County Limits.